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A Total Solution for Fast, Simple, Affordable 3D Printing.

Cube, CubePro, CubePro Duo, CubePro Trio

Bring Ideas to Life.

Create high-resolution 3D objects in color – from strong, easy-loading plastic material. 3D printing is a new dimension in creativity – and Cube and CubePro 3D Printers make it easier than ever. Designers, manufacturers, educators and amateurs can quickly bring ideas to life by printing detailed prototypes, parts, concept models and other objects. Operation is fast and simple, materials are safe and easy to handle. And you’ll also have the tools you need to realize your vision, including 3D Sense™ scanner and Touch 3D™ stylus to capture every dimension of your subject.

Cube: 3D Made Easy

Explore the wonders of 3D printing create realistic solid-color 3D objects
up to 6" in dimension on durable ABS or PLA plastic.
Produce prototypes and parts easily with instant-load cartridges, preloaded fi lament jets and autoleveling print pad. Print in about half the time of other printers– and produce complex designs that may be impossible to realize with standard machine processes.
Complex prints can also be easily achieved by incorporating the Infinity™ Rinse-Away, water soluble support material (available onlywith PLA plastic material)
Getting Started is Simple
Beginners and student designers can explore any of 25 free ready-to-print creations or browse the Cube Design Feed for inspiration.
The Cube 3D printer is also kid-safe for home and educational environments.

Professional 3D Printing.
CubePro comes in 3 versions, the CubePro, CubePro Duo and CubePro Trio.
For producing larger 3D objects with best-in-class build platform (11.2" x 10.6" x 9"), you want the CubePro 3D printer.
It lets you create pro-quality rigid parts in high-resolution 70, 200 or 300 micron layers. You can even make durable prototypes in nylon
as well as ABS or PLS plastic. Infinity Rinse-Away support material is also available allowing movable and complex parts.
This material dissolves in water, can be used in household sinks, and is safe for pipe disposal. You’ll have over 20 colors to choose from,
with stable print mechanics and easy-feed cartridges – all controlled by an easy-to-use touchscreen for fully automated operation with 27 print
modes and 3 print patterns. Rafts and supports are also easy to peel off when your 3D print is complete.
If You Can Imagine It, You Can Print It.
The CubePro and Cube 3D printers can revolutionize designing, creating, teaching and learning. Imagine a precise replacement part,
a 3D model of the human heart, a fossil bone, an antique amulet or artifact, even a 3D representation of a two-dimensional photograph,
engineering drawing or sketch – your CubePro or Cube can bring them all to life in colorful representations with amazing detail.

Supplied Software and Mobile Printing.
Mobile printing direct from the Cubify app puts 3D printing convenience in the palm of your hand.
Stabilized print mechanics and easy-feed cartridges prolong the life of your materials and produce faster, more accurate
prints. And WiFi connectivity lets you prep and print from your smartphone direct to the Cube or CubePro.